These 6 Values are at the very core of everything we do . . . 

Show Up – one of our most important beliefs is that “decisions are made by those who show up” – Water Management District, Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission, County Commission, Technical Advisory Groups, Wildlife Management Workshops, legislative hearings – we want people to be informed and to show up.

Be informed – far too often, we follow the crowd.  Conservation, at the Landscape Level, requires understanding the complexities facing our state and it’s resources, both natural and manmade, and how these pieces fit together

Stay the Course – Conservation is not a race, despite what’s often demonstrated in our social media fueled world . . . change happens in painstakingly small increments, and requires patience and persistence.

Be Kind – Kindness is often overlooked in much of our world today.  This isn’t to say we will be meek, but that we want to represent what’s best in our state.

Be Authentic – Often, there are hypocrisies in the conservation discussion that we gloss over, hoping an uninformed audience won’t notice . . . if our goal is to make Florida better, to improve our state, authenticity matters.  How else will we be able to reach the best outcomes if confirmation bias is coloring our perspectives?

Remember where we came from –  Florida is special.  Time marches on, but there are certain aspects of our state’s history and heritage that are important for us to usher forward as our lands and waters and population change.